Saturday, July 02, 2011

Last minute projects

So. What did I do today? I washed windows and window screens. It was kind of nice to play in the water in this hot, muggy weather.

And yesterday was my birthday. Yep. 56 years. We had planned to go out for dinner but just as Tetsu pulled in early, the heavens opened up with a deluge and weather alerts started flashing on the TV. I opted for leftovers and salad rather than try to swim through the city.

On the sewing front, I have been getting worried about how time is getting away from me. Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san had two Irish Chain quilts that needed to be basted but I am no longer able to get down on the floor to baste. I suggested we baste at Mrs. Nakazawa's house since she has more room anyway. I directed from the chair while my two friends basted their quilts. (I'm also pretty handy at threading needles.)

Mrs. Nakazawa's kitty, Charu helped us out like a true quilter's kitty. Charu lived for years in Mrs. Nakazawa's front yard until her old kitty passed away last year. Then Charu, the outdoor cat, was invited to become an indoor cat and now he lives like a prince! So happy for Charu!

(Mrs. Nakazawa, by the way, is the only person I know who has kitty doors cut into different walls of her home so that her kitty can move freely through the house. She also has low holes cut into the walls surrounding her yard so that neighborhood kitties can wander through without having to go into the street. Mrs. Nakazawa REALLY loves cats!)

And I was also able to return Mrs. Nakazawa's Happy Village quilt that she has been making for her friend. Again, with time running out I offered to sew the border on for her. This week I have Rumi-san's Happy Village to work on.

Freshly washed windows and sewing make me happy.

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