Monday, July 11, 2011

Luggage tags again

Getting down to the final week now. I have a normal schedule down to the last day (Friday) so I need to get the important things squeezed in between teaching.

What could be more important that sewing!?

I decided I needed some luggage tags (though I haven't thought about which suitcase I'm going to use) and I worked on those yesterday. While I was at it I thought my niece might like a set too because I hear that she is going to be spending two weeks in Europe while I'm visiting the States.

These luggage tags are wonderful! I have made four or five sets of these for friends and you would think I am getting good at making them. I love the way they close and keep private information PRIVATE.

Definitely go visit Morah's tutorial and give these a try! I'm warning you though... You need to know your sewing machine feet. A regular foot, a zipper foot (not for a zipper but to make a nice outline around things), a Teflon zig-zag foot...

"Whoops, forget that project." you say?

I have made these by putting tissue between the regular foot and the plastic... It works... And when I finally went out and bought a Teflon foot I couldn't buy a zig-zag foot so my plastic is held down by a straight stitch.

And finally you need to use that blankety-blank button hole foot!!! Well, practice a couple of times on some scraps. (If you keep lifting the foot lever and pull the button hole tray forward or back, you can made the long button hole this pattern calls for. It IS possible!)

The cat tags are for me (duh) and the stripes are for my niece.

Now to get out the suitcases and think about packing!

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