Friday, July 08, 2011

Patchwork Thursday July

I like Friday morning blogging time the day after my patchwork gathering. I always have something to show!

Yesterday the main reason for gathering was to baste the bazaar quilt. Mrs. Okutomi (and Mrs. Harada) came from far away (about three hours drive) just to help out and to chat and to show what they have been up to recently.

Mrs. Okutomi brought her beautiful machine appliqued and quilted wall hanging. She had a private exhibition not long ago and she worked on this piece to show then. Her machine quilting is just lovely though it doesn't show up so well in this picture.

Most of Mrs. Okutomi's quilts have a christian theme to them and she specializes in stained glass quilts but she tried her hand at machine applique and did a beautiful job!

Mrs. Furui has been making another baby quilt for her sister's friend. Mrs. Furui specializes in hand quilting and she did some beautiful work on this very simple quilt. The quilting makes the quilt, that's for sure!

During the last month Mrs. Furui also put a narrow border around the bazaar quilt FINALLY using up the yard of odd green fabric she and I bought years ago and could never figure out how to use! When we bought it we thought it was nice but when we got it home and looked at it we both got dizzy! The lines blur and seem to move. On the bazaar quilt, the narrow border neutralizes the blurriness... at least from afar. Mrs. Furui and I are very glad to use up this odd fabric!

While my friends basted, I prepared applique circles for one of Mrs. Okutomi's projects and did not contribute at all to the progress on the bazaar quilt. You can see why!!! Look at all those limber ladies down on the floor basting! It makes me feel old that I can't get down there with them anymore (for awhile).

Mrs. Okutomi took the bazaar quilt home to machine quilt for us! Whew!

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