Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Off for a busy Wednesday... It is too hot to do much of anything! Rainy season ended earlier this week and the heat is mounting. Even when the weather man tells us that the seasons have changed, the weather always fools them.

"We are no longer in the rainy season."

And then we get a downpour with lightning flashing, loud booming and crashing and the lights going out!

A couple of days ago I was coming home from the next city over and drove into the most beautiful sunset. The weather forecast was for late night thunder and lightning storms (which never occurred) and the sky was pink and frothy. This is unusual in my part of Japan... Tetsu always comments on the beautiful Los Angeles sunsets (probably enhanced by the orange smog in the air) but Japan doesn't often get this color in the sky.

Teaching today with observation day at the kindergarten. I hate that! I feel like a performer!

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