Friday, July 29, 2011

The girls

Yesterday we girls went off shopping AGAIN!!! Leiya loves shopping and we have hit so many malls in the last 4 days that I'm beginning to lose count! She doesn't really buy all that much but she sure likes to look! On the other hand, I don't find much to buy at all. The fashion this year seems to be feathers and Indian or animal motifs, which I like, but not skin tight or with all the flesh showing. (I do not understand the fashion statement made by bra straps showing... and I'm not even going to imagine me going braless!) Everything looks good on Leiya, though.

I remember my high school days when I would go shopping with my mother. She would refuse to try on clothes or buy things for herself because she said everything looked nicer on me. She also would refuse to have her picture taken next to me as she claimed she felt like an ol' hag next to my youth. I know EXACTLY what she was saying these days! This picture is for Tetsu. He can be tickled about his youthful daughter and grimace at how age creeps up on his wife... This picture took four tries before I was willing to post it.

Marcy says the same thing about her and Kiana. It took three tries for them.... Those two have always been look alikes.

And here we are at the Rainforest Cafe having lunch. Both girls have such pretty smiles...

In the evening some of us got involved with a game that I'd bought for Colin (he won). Grandma was watching from the sidelines and then started rummaging around in her drawers saying,

"Where's my camera?! I can't find my camera!"

(She used to take a lot of pictures.)

"No camera anymore Grandma. The old film ones went obsolete. Here... Try my digital. Everything is digital these days... Stores don't sell film anymore."

"What! When did that happen?!"

Grandma is always amazed when I put pictures into my computer. She wants an explanation about how digital works but I guess I don't really know myself! I handed Grandma my little digital and instructed her in shooting... She did a pretty good job too!

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