Thursday, August 11, 2011


You know, I mentioned the other day at how blessed I was because of my generous friend Jane. But actually my daily life is overflowing with generosity from my friends and family. There is nothing I can do to make up for all the blessings that pour on me daily!

This week two of my blog friends sent me greetings and fabric. June sent me some guitar fabric because she's been following Takumi's progress on the guitar. June did the machine quilting on my Orange and Cherry Jubilee last year and she keeps in touch. Bianca and I are trying to put our heads together to figure out what would be nice to make Takumi with guitar fabric. A table runner that could second as a guitar wrap? A guitar themed wall hanging? A bag for guitar gadgets? (He's got a capo and a few picks in there....) Any great ideas? (By the way, Takumi has become AMAZINGLY GOOD on the folk guitar this month! I mean really! And to think he bought it for $50 from someone off the Internet at the early part of the month. He is REALLY loving his guitar!) Thank you June!

Another blog friend from way back is Liz. She followed my unsuccessful search for an Aunt Becky's finger protector/thimble and then said she had one that she would send. Would I give her my address? Well! A lot more came in the mail than just a finger protector! Batiks! Magazines and books! A Supreme Slider!

Yesterday we chatted on the phone for nearly an hour and got "caught up". Seeing as I've never met her that is an interesting term but it felt like we were old friends laughing about the state of our sewing rooms, bemoaning our still unfinished projects. I've got a lot to keep me busy this year thanks to Liz! (And I'll have to see if I have more luck with the Aunt Becky's Finger Protector than Liz did.)

As for sewing around this house...

Marcy's baby quilt will be taken to a baby shower this Sunday. Marcy is very pleased with it.

I added some top and bottom borders to Colin's frog and quilted that up for him. Hopefully this will end up on a bulletin board or somewhere.

Some last minute family pictures of before Leiya left...

My brother started washing Bianca's car and the kids felt guilty and went out to "help" him.

The "ladies" on Grandma's new sofa.

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