Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting back to routine

Well, I managed to stay awake yesterday. And even cooked dinner! And even did some translation work (that has been hanging over my head. And will continue to do so until I finish another 12 chapters... I think I've decided I don't ever want to be a translator.)

Japan is hot and muggy. I find it difficult to get my breath when going for a walk with Choco. And my sandals chaff at my feet from the moisture in the air. We are using electric fans and even the air conditioner in the evenings (shame on us! Most of Japan is trying to save energy. The stores are dark!) As usual I was greeted by mold on my return. And ants. And cat pee. Oh so pleasant a welcoming!

But the cats are happy to see me. Toi and Patora are living in Tetsu's cat house where they have been throughout the month I've been gone. They actually don't seem to mind. They were never very people oriented anyway. I doubt that we can keep them there during the winter months though...

The other four have the run of the house but even that relaxing situation (no Toi bullying them) hasn't rid them of their spraying problems. They definitely are trying to send messages. The first night I went to bed, some cat had peed on my newly washed pillow... Think they are angry at me for leaving them? And some cat made a point to throw up on the suitcase that I was unpacking too. Sigh...

Choco has been happy to get longer morning walks with me. Tetsu did the minimum while I was gone (he was too busy cleaning up after cats!) I have bought her a new Gentle Leader collar which is supposed to help in training dogs to walk quietly. I just watched the accompanying DVD and will try it out this afternoon. Wish us luck!

So life is back to cleaning and cooking and animal care. I have yet to do more than step into my sewing room. Maybe when I get a bit more of the translating job under my belt.

It is nice to be home and appreciated by Tetsu. It is nice to have a kitty sitting on my lap again.

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