Friday, August 26, 2011

Halloween early

You might think that it is Halloween around here! Last night Y-kun came for English bearing... a Jack O' Lantern! I think he's got his seasons off! He explained that his grandfather's farm has BIG pumpkins so all by himself he carved a Jack O' Lantern. This is one proud little boy! And of course he wanted the world to see it so we had to set it up lighted in my living room window. Yeah, let's confuse the neighbors!

The other boys shake their heads at the crazy things Y-kun thinks up to do but I can't help admire but his creativity and gumption. I guess I'll honor those qualities by lighting Y-kun's Jack 'O Lantern this week. I hope he's left some pumpkins in his grandfather's field for the REAL Halloween.

And though I wasn't thinking of Halloween, I just happened to be working on a few black cats (and other colors) myself yesterday. The Tessellating Cats quilt has been sitting around for quite awhile and I decided to get it basted with Sharon's board basting method. I went out and bought two LONG~~~ boards and set myself up in the dining room. Unfortunately my dining room table isn't long enough to accommodate the width of this quilt but I persevered and in about an hour got the whole thing basted. Yeah!

Now what!?!

Is this machine quilt-able? It's pretty big for a domestic machine. The blurry pictures from the magazine (and website) show some extensive zig-zag quilting on the cats but can I really do that? (As would be expected the magazine's quilt was long-arm quilted.) Or do stitch-in-the-ditch by hand? I'm on a roll. I'd hate to set this aside again for another few months...

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