Thursday, August 11, 2011

More family pictures

Whoops. Missed a day.

Kiana came back from Europe two days ago. And Leiya flew off to Ohio last night. Our family is doing a lot of running around to LAX! (Granted.... Takumi did the route taking Leiya to the airport last night. I said goodbye to her here at the house.) The summer days are winding down. I leave for Japan this Saturday. Here is a great family picture of my brother's family at LAX when Kiana got in. They bought her a Dr. Pepper to welcome her back!

Leiya suddenly asked if we could go check out the University of California at Irvine because she "might" be interested in continuing her education there someday. (Also because she has a friend who wanted information about the school).

And since Kiana will be thinking about colleges soon we made her throw off her jet lag to come looking at the college with us. The campus is gorgeous and huge. Wouldn't that be fun if the two cousins could end up at the same college/grad school someday! That was a fun girly day.

It also started off by Leiya claiming I needed to wear make-up. So my girl gussied me up some.

"Grrr. This make-up brings out all these extra wrinkles."

"No, Mom. Those wrinkles were already there."

Thank you, Leiya.

That night, after a day of college visiting, meeting up with a friend in the mall, having dinner with Takumi and Bianca; I looked in the mirror I realized I had mascara smeared all over my eyes.

"This is why I hate make-up! Never again! Why didn't someone tell me I looked like a panda?"

Bianca: "I didn't look directly at your face."

Leiya: "That's just part of wearing make-up."

Takumi: "I thought that was the look you were trying for."

Exasperating children!

But two of them posed for our annual Christmas picture.

Shall we use this one?

No? They are embarrassed to have to sit together.

How about two monkeys?

No, thank you!

This is it folks... Siblings. They are growing, changing. My pride and joy.

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