Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More this and that

I was off at the pre-school yesterday. I'm usually there about two hours "playing" with three classes. As I was finishing up with the oldest class, I noticed the younger classes getting ready for lunch. Many kindergartens have the children bring their own lunches. This pre-school is subsidized by the prefecture so lunch is supplied daily. I didn't get a picture of what lunch was yesterday... I think chicken and some egg combination. But I did get a picture of the children (4 years old) serving their classmates rice and soup. Pretty good that these little people can serve and portion equally without too much spillage. And they also carry a tray to the Principal's office for her lunch too!


Someone gave me a box of plastic gold-colored buttons. Such a glittery horde! I know I am never going to sew or knit anything that would use gaudy gold buttons but I don't want to just toss this box either. I'm thinking that they would be good in some craft project... I always try to make Christmas ornaments with my English students and I could see the gaudy gold being used there. Has anyone done any good Christmas project using buttons? I sure would like some input!

And a couple people asked me for the link to the Tessellating Cats pattern. Actually I found the image on the Internet and traced the link back to the McCalls Quilting magazine, October 2009. But I couldn't find a link to buying a past issue then (or now) and asked if anyone had an issue they were willing to part with. Mona responded and sent me the pages for the Tessellating Cats pattern (actually called Kitty Memories). I changed the border (just because I already had a piano key bordered quilt) but the rest is pretty much like the pattern. After I finish quilting this (I am NOT going for machine quilting) I will put strips of ribbons and bells or charms (or some of those gold buttons!) on the necks of the cats. If you still want the pattern you will have to contact me by e-mail (unless you can figure out how to get McCalls Quilting magazine to sell you an issue. If you figure it out let me know!)

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