Saturday, August 27, 2011

Progress on my UFO's

I started out yesterday morning visiting blogs which I didn't do while I was in the States. Oh, you people are making so many nice things!!! I want to make this and I want to make that! But wait! Don't I have a bunch of UFO's in the closet already? I really need to finish those off before I start something new (or at least move them into another stage of unfinished-ness.)

OK. Marie commented that my Tessellating Cats quilt could be hand quilted and I'd get puffier cats than if I tried to densely machine quilt. How true. And I really do like having one hand quilting project at my TV chair. So thanks to Marie the Tessellating Cats is now getting quilted (with the help of Aunt Becky). Hand quilting is such a relaxing pastime. I really enjoy a quilt instead of always being on the edge of a chair about how the machine quilting is going to turn out...

(Marie, send me your e-mail address if you want this pattern.)

Another UFO was the Tisket a Tasket block of the month that I did last year and all the blocks have just sat in a box with no idea about what I wanted to do with them. Well, they aren't getting anywhere in a box! Do something Tanya! So, instead of striving for perfection or originality I just cut into some fabric and made sashing and then put a border on it. The Tisket a Tasket is now a flimsy! Well, at least it is at a point where I know what the next step will be... quilting. (But the same quandary as yesterday... Machine quilting or hand quilting?)

And I have another flimsy that needs to be basted but my dumb cats peed on it so I had to throw it in the washing machine! Oh my, all those frayed seams! It seems to have come out smelling fresh and clean and I need to do some serious ironing today...

And there are those Star within the Star blocks that are sitting around... I haven't really thought out how those are going to turn into a quilt. Oh my gosh... And I've got those Alabama Beauty blocks hidden away somewhere too!

No. I dare not think of starting something new...

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