Monday, August 29, 2011

Tetsu's car

Tetsu commented that I have only been blogging about quilting. (He doesn't read the English so he had no idea what I was blogging about yesterday.)

Well, the big news for us, for Tetsu, is that he bought a new car! Actually he put in an order for a car in late June and he was NOT happy about it either. Japan's system of car overhauls that includes extensive fees every two years prompted this purchase... but Tetsu has been grumbling ever since about how he can't afford a new car, a used one would have been fine, he could have found a cheaper car etc. But Tetsu doesn't really like cars anyway so we just went back to our car dealer friend and put in an order for the same car as we bought for me a couple years ago. Different color so that we won't get confused.

I finally got tired of hearing all Tetsu's grumbling and said,

"Why don't you just try to enjoy it? Why don't you just count your blessings that we can even THINK of a new car (even with a car loan)? Why don't you just think that for all your hard work you need a car that doesn't break down on you? Lighten up!"

Tetsu didn't like my tone but I guess he's trying to be positive about the whole thing. (Actually he was trying to give me the new car and he would drive our little lavender one. No thank you! Tetsu, go ahead and get over it! You are going to be the driver of a NEW car.)

The car was ready to pick up this weekend. Tetsu had Saturday off. Good, we'll go get the new car. But no! The dealer said,

"Saturday is not a good luck day. It would bring better fortune if we turned the car over to you on Sunday the 28th. That is a good luck day."

Sigh. We get this all the time everywhere. Things always go by the calendar's good luck markings. I heard somewhere that in the early eras of Japanese calendar making someone just arbitrarily gave names to each day of the month depicting good and bad luck and suddenly everyone in Japan was planning his or her days according to the luck markings. No weddings on certain bad luck days, lottery ticket sales go up on good luck days, surgeries are even scheduled according to the calendar... and the turning over of cars it seems.

So Tetsu got his car YESTERDAY, on a good luck day (which, you do realize both Tetsu and I think is a bunch of nonsense).

Oh happy man! He likes the color, he likes the car and GASP!!! Do you see what is there on the dash? A GPS Navigator!!!! Oh my, Tetsu is really planning to enjoy this car! We are never going to get lost again! I'm sure you will all miss my posts about getting lost on our outings.

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