Sunday, September 04, 2011

An extension table

On Friday I did some machine quilting, but by the end of the day I really had a headache. I think the problem is that I wrestle with the quilt so much (and try to put in too many hours) that I get all tensed up. Oh, if only I had a sewing machine extension table! All my quilting woes would fly out the window! At least that's my excuse.

Yesterday Japan was in the midst of a typhoon and so our plans to go out for a drive were thwarted.

"Tetsu, I'd really like a quilting extension table. Can you make me one?"

I had researched this a bit. When I went to the Long Beach Quilt Festival I had considered purchasing one (but I didn't remember my sewing machine's number). Back in Japan I had considered trying to make my own "table" using Styrofoam. I looked at ready made table tops and wondered if they could be jigsaw cut to my sewing machine. Brenda Lou had offered to check into purchasing and shipping for me. But here I have a wonky carpenter (it's the wonky that scares me) right in my own house and surely he would be willing to make something for me if I promised him a good dinner.

Dodging the rain, Tetsu and I went to a home improvement center and spent HOURS considering the possibilities... and all afternoon Tetsu worked on a table for me.

Tetsu doesn't work with much else than a rusty hand saw, a hand screwdriver and my Omnigrid sewing ruler, so he screwed boards together and hand sawed the sewing machine shape to fit in an inset. (And has the blisters to show for his work!)

The table my sewing machine usually sits on is a bit lower than the drawer area next to it, so Tetsu cut different length "legs". The new table now bumps up against my cutting table making a huge extension for behind the quilt.

I'd say that this is one of Tetsu's more successful projects! I'm contemplating putting a plastic sheet over the board area to make for better slippage... but my trial sewing last night proves that that might be unnecessary. The quilt moves around easily! And now I can use the Quilt Halo that I bought at Sharon Schamber's booth too. (It didn't work with my original slanted sewing machine bed.) My sewing machine quilting extension table is just wonderful!!!

No more excuses for lack of quilting control! What should I cook for Tetsu's "good" dinner tonight?

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