Saturday, September 03, 2011

Anne of Green Gable's Redwork

Thank you for reading through that LONG post yesterday. 2011 will always remain in my mind as The Year of Mrs. Furui's Quilt. By the way, the last patchwork picture of the party was made by Mrs. Ochiai. She is our photo wizard around here. For the previous blog post, she put together the collage of all the bazaar quilts and some of the pictures she had to work with were taken of quilts draped across railings and being held up by people! To get flat pictures of all the quilts is due to her skill with Photo Shop Elements.

So Thursday was our birthday party day and we didn't ever get to any patchwork. Still, before Mrs. Furui knew that the day was going to be different, she showed a couple of us the red work quilt she and a group of hospital volunteers have been working on.

Years and years ago (like 15 or more) Mrs. Okutomi sent Mrs. Furui an Anne of Green Gables red work kit. Mrs. Furui kept it intact for all these years and when she started volunteering at a local hospital she decided to head a group and make things for the hallways and hospital walls. She pulled out the red work kit and asked her new friends (none of them had done stitchery before) to embroider blocks. A few of her old friends (me!) got involved with a block or two too, and then she needed to decide what to do next.

The pink/red fabric bought after the earthquake got made into stars and the backing (Anne of Green Gables backing!) was sent by Lorraine's daughter-in-law. The quilting was hand-done by Mrs. Furui of course. An absolutely beautiful quilt! I think it will be put up in the pediatric's ward this week.

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