Friday, September 09, 2011

Basting with Mrs. Ochiai

I'm not getting much done anywhere. Yesterday Mrs. Ochiai came visiting. You should hear her "talk" to my cats.

"Stay away from me! You are looking at me! If you come any closer I'm going to have to kick you away! Just sit there quietly and pretend I'm not here. Stop rubbing up against my bag! What is so interesting about my bag?! Can't you understand that I don't like cats?!"

For some reason the cats LOVE having Mrs. Ochiai visit and they weave in and out of her legs (she has been known to climb up on the sofa) and they jump up on the table causing her to scream and race to another room. I finally put the cat barrier up in the dining room closing Mrs. Ochiai IN and the cats OUT!

The purpose of Mrs. Ochiai's visit was for me to show her my new way of basting... On the dining room table with long boards holding the quilt. Mrs. Ochiai loves new techniques, tools and ideas. She is willing to try anything once and she was very impressed with board basting. No getting down on the floor! No relying on a basting party! Easy on the back and knees and goes quickly! I think I've got a convert to board basting! In about an hour Mrs. Ochiai had her Wicked quilt basted while I entertained cats in the other room and tried to mark my own quilt. (I'm having trouble with that one... Stupid me is trying to mark a background grid AFTER the center part has mostly been quilted. Way too fluffy.)

Here is a picture Mrs. Ochiai took of me showing her the basics of board basting. I really look like a quilting teacher don't I?!

Mrs. Ochiai is a good friend to keep coming back for more cat punishment.

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