Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Cat report

How about a cat report?

6 cats. All are healthy and lived through the summer in Tetsu's care. (Tetsu was not thrilled with how he spent his summer caring for cats.) Toi and Patora lived the whole month in the cat house. This means that they are almost outdoor cats but they don't have free range. Toi is very content being out there with his pal Patora. Patora is not happy being out there and she does not like Toi much either. Neither cat seems so miss the human contact. We brought both cats in during the typhoon (since the wind blows rain into the cat house) but that was a disaster.

The reason it was a disaster was because Toi took one look at Cleo and attacked leaving Cleo shaken and mentally disturbed. Poor kitty! I thought he had been hurt because he cowered and wouldn't let me near him, wouldn't eat, and shrieked and climbed up my arm when I tried to pick him up. But after two days Cleo was back to being loving again. It was just the shock of having Toi back in the house. So Toi will have to stay in the cat house. I don't know what we are going to do when it gets cold.

Velvet is very happy with no Toi around either and he sleeps where he wants and is very cuddly.

Chip rarely leaves my lap or my side. She doesn't like the other cats much but she has to put up with them (because they want to share a lap.)

Mi is the darling of the house! She loves being talked to, being petted, playing with cat toys, being carted around by English children, sleeping on Tetsu's stomach. She finds cute places to sit and wait for a human to come by. (In this clean litter box... "Mom! You forgot the sand!")

Mi loves English classes and will sit smack in the middle of the table or on some child's book (which they are so flattered about) and will purr away.

Unfortunately I've got three or four children who are allergic to cats... Yes, and they still come to English! I warn the parents when a child starts English.

"I've got lots of cats. Does your child have allergies?"

I've even called parents and told them their child really seems miserable with red scratchy eyes but every parent has assured me that the allergies are minor. Some parents send their children with eye drops... And I try to vacuum before every class... but still, with a cat sitting right on the table...

"For heaven's sake! Don't pet it! Your eyes are already red!"

But despite the allergies the English children seem to like Mi watching over them...

"Love is being chosen by a cat."

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