Monday, September 05, 2011

To swim or not to swim...

Tetsu announced that he is going on a diet. Again. And I know I'd better join him. We just eat too much! And we like to eat out too. Okay, let's cut out sweets, eat more vegetables and brown rice, stop eating out so much... Uh-oh. We haven't been going to the pool (but we do take Choco for a long walk in the mornings.)

For two years Tetsu and I have faithfully gone to the pool. And I didn't even like swimming! But it seemed like it was one of the things we "should" do. But it also meant that when either of us didn't go then we'd feel guilty about it. Actually I was the only one feeling guilty and frowning about when Tetsu missed too many days so I guess it is my fault that going to the pool wasn't such an enjoyable past time. And then there were all the friends that we were involved in doing things with and some boundaries were overstepped making Tetsu feel uncomfortable.

Our yearly pass has expired so we are debating about whether to become members again. Tetsu actually likes just coming home and eating dinner together and lounging around watching TV together. Potato Couch Syndrome! I enjoy the extra two hours nightly sitting in front of the TV quilting. So are we going to cop out and go for sedentary life or are we going to try to stay active and be "fun" people...? While we were going we had convinced ourselves that we were doing good things for our bodies. But you know, with all that lap swimming I never lost a pound in two years. It was very frustrating!

We are still talking this out. Is it more important to try to stay healthy by going to the pool regularly or is it more important to spend quiet evenings together instead of chatting with all the other people in the pool until 9:00 pm and then squeezing in dinner afterwards?

Tetsu is veering towards no pool. Rats. I just bought a new swim suit in the States. But the way I look right now I'm sort of glad I don't have to wear it in front of anyone.

A vicious circle!!!

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