Friday, September 16, 2011

Y-kun's tree

I didn't really want to make my blog a place for Y-kun updates but he makes me laugh and nearly every week I gasp when he walks in the door. He always brings me a present when he comes and I never know if I'm going to be thrilled with it or not.

Last night the cats freaked out when Y-kun came through the door. Y-kun? It was more like a TREE came through the door and Y-kun dumped it on my living room floor!

"Do you like edamame? Let's skip English and make edamame tonight."

"Yes, I like edamame. No, we are not skipping English but you are so early, the two of us can make edamame for my dinner. Thank you very much. Tetsu-san loves edamame. Please hold up your tree so that I can take a picture and then take it into the kitchen."

"Sensei, it's not a tree. Don't you know that? I pulled these from my grandfather's field." (I did know that edamame do not come from a tree.)

Leaving dirt and leaves in his wake, Y-kun dragged his "tree" to the kitchen and proceeded to take all the bean pods off the branches. And he did take the de-beaned branches and discard them in the forest for me too.

"These are good edamame. You can make a lot of food from these. And they've never been sprayed either! My grandfather doesn't spray his field. That's good! But sometimes there are green worms on the vegetables. Sometimes my grandmother makes cabbage salad and I have found part of a worm in it."

(Thank you for that information.)

"We ate the salad anyway..."

Y-kun cooked up his edamame for us and was very pleased with the amount of edamame he got from his "tree".

Y-kun's edamame were absolutely delicious! (and I only found one worm...)

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