Sunday, October 16, 2011

A loaf of bread

Yesterday Tetsu went to a wedding and brought home gifts. In Japan, the guests bring money and the bride and groom give gifts to the guests. Recently the most popular gift is a catalog so that the guest can pick out what they want themselves and send in an order card. It used to be that the typical gift was a sauce pan or a set of dishes or vase or something so actually the catalog system is nice. Going for efficiency rather than personal I guess. I think I'll choose a towel rack...

Tetsu also brought home sticky red rice. One can't have a wedding in Japan without sticky red rice. And he brought home a loaf of bread. A loaf of bread? That's an unusual gift...

This morning we had toast for breakfast.

What a surprise! Hearts inside the bread!

Wishing the best for the new couple. The bread was delicious!

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