Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quicky post

This is Wordless Wednesday but I'm hardly ever wordless.

I fixed up a Styrofoam box for Patora and Toi out in the cat house. It was an expensive box ($15!) but it is quite large and both cats can snuggle inside together. My friend Mrs. Nakazawa once gave Mi a cat box that she made from a grocer's Styrofoam box. That would have cost less but I don't use that grocer and the boxes are smaller. Now, Patora and Toi at least have a place they can escape to as the days get colder. I have already started bringing them in at night (to the dislike of all the other cats.)

And just so that I know when I've started what I'm posting a picture of the vest that I started last night. This will hopefully turn into Tetsu's Christmas vest. I'm going to try using an afgan needle. Has anyone ever tried that? It looks like a long crochet hook but you knit forward and crochet back (and for this vest I'm doing a pattern of knit and pearl stitches). There is only one needle! This is the first time for me to use this technique and it so far seems to make a sturdier stitch. Unfortunately Tetsu is a big man and I can see a long, slow process ahead of me.

Off to the kindergarten in a few minutes.

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