Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best seat in the house

It is getting cold around here. I've bought fluffy slippers and wear tights under my jeans. In the morning the air is frosty when Tetsu and Choco and I go for a walk.

Someone commented that cats learn by consistency and that they just pretend that they don't understand the house rules. But as it gets colder my will in weakening. Right now I have Toi and Patora outside in the cat house. They have been out there since July when Tetsu decided that that is where they should live. Patora has never been happy about this new rule. She "Meows" constantly. You would think by now that she would give up and accept that she is a cat-house cat.

During the summer I really worried that our next door neighbor would complain. They have complained about Choco's barking, and the cat house is even closer to their house! In the summer with everyone's windows open all night I certainly could hear Patora making a racket! As the seasons turned to fall and everyone closed their windows at night, I relaxed a bit about Patora disturbing the neighbors...

But now it is getting cold. Can I really leave those cats in the cat house all winter? They have a Styrofoam box that supposedly keeps in body heat and they can cuddle together. I can make them a heating pad during the day or night if they need it, but Patora really wants to be with the humans (or maybe she just wants house warmth... She is not a friendly kitty). Toi could care less about where he is as long as he gets fed.

Anyway, even after 4 months, Patora is not giving in on the complaining department. I am ready to give in... Her constant noise and banging at the window is driving me loony. I often just turn off lights and close the door to that part of the house and go do things upstairs just so I don't have to listen to her. Should I feel sorry for her or angry with her for her stubbornness?

Although none of the other cats but Toi like Patora, they probably would agree that it is getting cold and everyone needs to seek out warmth. Yesterday I found Mi in the bathroom.

And pretty soon Chip joined her. Mi looks like she is saying,

"Hey, this is MY spot!"

Someone left the toilet seat cover up and Mi discovered that the toilet seat is heated.

Now if I could just train the cats to use the toilet since they are already sitting there...

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