Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween black cats

Yesterday I did my first round of making Halloween decorations with two of my English students.

Every year I try to think up some craft project for Halloween and for Christmas. I'm doing a repeat of the Halloween decoration. I must have done this with children at least 5 or 6 years ago. I'm hoping none of my current students have done this with me.

Take black felt and draw an odd shape "body". I made a cardboard pattern for the kids to trace.

Trace around a dish or plate twice, one circle for the head, one circle for the tail.

With felt scraps make two ears. I gave the children orange felt scraps too to make an inner ear.

Provide two oval shaped sequins for eyes. (I've cut ovals out of reflector paper and that works as well).

Use a pompom or a scrap of felt for a nose.

Draw a face and legs with a White Out pen.

Cut one circle in a spiral for a tail.

With a gather stitch make a ribbon from a square of fabric.

Add yarn to hang.

With hot bond, put all the pieces together. Voila! Black cats!

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