Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kindergarten Sports Day

My morning started out at the kindergarten for Sports Day. A little more than 100 children and their families were all gathered in the small kindergarten yard to enjoy 5 hours of games and dances and events. A lot of preparations have gone into Sports Day... the children painted their own T-shirts and flags, mothers have made costumes for dances and all free time has been devoted to practice, practice, practice. Climbing walls, jumping from ladders, crawling under nets etc.

My contribution to this year's Sports Day was a T-shirt design for the staff. (Design is too strong a word. The principle gave me a Japanese phrase and asked me to translate it... I'd have done a better job if I'd known my English was going to sporting some 40 people's chests!)

The past couple weeks in English we have been singing a song "I can run! I can jump! I can climb! I'm a Superhero!" and we decided to sing that for Sports Day. Mrs. Furui captured me doing "I can fly!"

I came home with a yummy boxed lunch that Tetsu and I shared!

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