Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miscellaneous post

Oh dear.... Not much going on today. Another miscellaneous post. Sorry about that.

Leiya finally got SOME money this weekend. The money I sent directly from Japan arrived in her bank account. The money I've been trying to transfer from my California bank to her Ohio bank has yet to be successful. Think I should change banks? (I would if I could from this distance. I've been trying to send money to Leiya since April!)

My knitting is going slowly. Is this even called knitting? It is an afgan stitch and though it does look nice, it is much slower going than my usual knitting goes. I sure hope I finish this by Christmas. I had plans to knit something for the kids this year too but I probably won't find the time now. Sorry Takumi and Leiya. Tetsu comes first!

The other day when at the kindergarten, the principal very proudly showed me a piano cover that was at her son's house. The mother-in-law had made it for their piano but the principal was so taken by the handwork that she "borrowed" it for a few weeks just so that she could show people like me. Isn't this beautiful embroidery/crochet? There were 6 of these embroidered maidens along the front of the cover and all the edges were hand button hole stitched. So many talented people in the world!

A couple people asked me about the Tessellating Cats quilt and where I found the pattern. I've mentioned before that it was once published in the McCalls Quilting magazine October 2009, but the pattern can no longer be bought. The designer has put out a book though with other SIMILAR cat patterns called "Copy Cat Quilts" by Dawn E. Navarro, but this quilt can't be found in the book (is what I hear... I didn't buy the book.)

I was also asked about the Bargello quilt which so many of you have complimented me on, but personally I'm not that thrilled with it. I started out trying to follow a picture of a Bargello quilt and roughly guessed at the measurements needed. Then I just added Bargello strips and dividing strips in the same colors. No real plan. I really should have kept the dividing strips a bit narrower. And to my eye, this Bargello "goes" nowhere. I have used Marge Edie's book "Bargello Quilts" before and I may go back and try another of her designs. The big question now is HOW DO I QUILT THIS? Until I decide, the quilt is pinned to the wall.

Tetsu carved two more pumpkins for me. Our yard is festive!

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