Monday, October 03, 2011

Morning rainbow

Saturday morning Tetsu was up by 5:00.

"I'm awake. I'm going to go take a morning bath."

"I guess I'm awake too now but I'm going to stay in the futon and read. Have a nice time."

Tetsu was gone about 20 minutes when I heard the "flap, flap, flap" of his slippers coming down the hall.

"Get up! Get up! I have to show you something! Bring your camera!!! Hurry, hurry hurry!"

Both of us went flapping down the hallway in our slippers and yukata (Tetsu dripping). We stepped out in the gardens overlooking the lake and Tetsu pointed to a BEAUTIFUL rainbow enveloping the scenery! What a spectacle!

The rainbow rose up from the farside of the lake bank, and passed over the width of the lake to settle just below the inn. I took picture after picture and the two of us marveled that we had never seen a complete rainbow with such vivid colors. As we stood there the rainbow took on another rim of color here and there, creating a double effect and becoming even more beautiful. My camera and photos don't do it justice and no matter how far we tried to walk along the lakeside we couldn't capture the whole rainbow in one frame. Take my word for it! It was exquisite!!

Tetsu explained that he had seen the rainbow from the bath so he splashed out hoping to get me before the color faded away. As we stood there admiring the sight, a couple of the staff girls sleepily made their way down the hall and we motioned for them to come enjoy this once in a lifetime scenery.

"Ah yes. We often get rainbows over the lake."

They must have noticed our disconcerted expressions at learning that this not such a rare event after all.

"...but today's is much brighter than usual. And so early in the morning too!"

Tetsu was again pleased that he had made such a wonderful discovery and been able to share a rare occurrence with me after all.

A morning footbath where we sat by a pool and let our feet turn lobster red. (I had trouble keeping my feet in at all!) Breakfast was another simple and delicious meal, our chopsticks set out for us to use.

"Your wife brought the rainbow when she was painting one on her chopsticks last night."

A final bath... I think Tetsu was reluctant to leave such a beautiful place. I caught him standing outside our room not yet ready to change out of his yukata.

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