Friday, October 14, 2011

Tessellating Cats finished (sort of)

Well, finally! Something quilty! I finished quilting the Tessellating Cats quilt! Oh dear... I don't want to know when I started this... At least a year and a half ago!

I had found a picture of this quilt on the Internet and tracked the source down to a magazine but discovered that I could no longer purchase the magazine. Mona who visited my blog sent me her magazine sheets last summer and from there I started plugging away with whatever bright fabric I could find in my stash. I wasn't too pleased with the background fabric but that was all I could find that was whimsical in the Japanese fabric store. (There are minuscule mice and cheese in the yellow. You need a magnifying glass to see them.) Although machine pieced, there were some TINY triangles in those cats so I was very happy when I got to the flimsy stage on this.

This summer I found some wonderful backing! (I wish I'd been able to use this on top!) Rainbow colored paw prints! So now I can enjoy the back of my quilt as much as the front... (And I have a little leftover backing that I can use for some other front someday.)

I agonized awhile about hand or machine quilting this but Marie pointed out that cats are fluffy so I went with hand quilting. I am SOOOO glad I did! The grid is nothing to cheer about but it didn't get too crooked.

I put the binding on last night but actually this is still not finished. Those cats are all supposed to have collars on them!!! So next I'll be going through my ribbon drawer and sewing collars on all 23 cats. (I put one collar on one black cat last night just to see if I could.) Maybe this season the Tessellating Cats will go up on the wall as is...

Should I start with colorful cats right side up?

Or black cats?

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