Friday, November 11, 2011

A walk

Yesterday Choco and I got in a long walk (after a morning of Bargello basting). I thought I'd show the scenery around here in 5 minute increments.

Okay, this is the start. 11:45 at my front door with Choco raring to go!11:50. We are at a neighbor's vegetable field. Icicle radishes, Sunny lettuce, Chinese greens (and chrysanthemums in the background.)

11:55. We have walked north and are at a hay field with a dairy farm in the distance.

12:00. I made Choco pose in front of the cows. Not dairy cows I see. "Let's get out of here! I don't like cows!~" (That was Choco. I happen to like cows.)

12:05. On a back road. For the next 15 minutes there wasn't much but rice fields and forests... Never saw a car or any people.

12:20. Back into an area with houses. These are Ukoko. Choco takes great interest in these fluffy chicks.

12:25. Oh dear. I'm not too happy with these things gracing our countryside but I guess if I use the cell phone then I can't complain.

12:30. This beautiful Ginko tree stands in front of the entrance to our neighborhood. It is at its peak for fall colors.

12:30. Whoops. I cheated and put in this picture of a "bakery". This is in the other direction from the Ginko tree. The girl that runs this bakery had her boyfriend build her this shed two months ago and they decorated it up as best they could. The girl spends most of her days in the shed baking (two large ovens) and she sells her bread from that small little glass shelf out in front.

12:35. Back at my front door. I bought a handmade berry wreath (can you see them hanging under the bakery window?) at the bakery, as well as an onion bun for my lunch.

Thank you for joining Choco and me on our walk. How about showing me your neighborhood too!

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