Monday, November 21, 2011

Afghan stitch knitting

Let's see. I've not been out and about with this cold so my poor camera hasn't been out of my handbag for days.

How about a couple scenery pictures from BEFORE I caught my cold.

These were taken one morning when the fog had settled. I love the moon still hanging there over the mountain.

While I was housebound I tried working on Tetsu's vest. Sigh... I'm not sure this year's vest is going to be a success. For one this afghan stitch just takes too long. I'm probably never going to attempt such a big project again with it. I have lots of other things I need to get done this season and my plodding along with this is getting frustrating.

Another reason is that the stitch takes a lot of yarn (and Tetsu is a larger man than many Japanese men). Of course I figured that out late and had to go back and order more yarn. Even though the color is the same the lots must have been different because I can see a difference in shade... Rats. Well, Tetsu won't notice but other people probably will.

And lastly, while trying to make a pattern on graph paper (I do things the hard way) I STUPIDLY ERASED the first figures for the armholes. ... which means the armholes on the back and on the front are different. That's not a terrible mistake but it goes to show that my brain wasn't working well under the influence of cold medicine. What ninny would erase all the figures on a paper before realizing she needed those for the second half of her project? Me-Ninny.

Persevere Tanya!

Today I'm hoping I can go up and work on the Inside a Rainbow Quilt. I'd really like to get borders quilted this week.

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