Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cat house door

Tetsu spent most of his day off making a cat door. He grumbles about how much time and money and effort he puts in for these cats but he doesn't really have any other wonky project in line and the cats don't complain about a little crookedness. I guess I don't either.

Hammer, hammer, saw, saw, sand paper, sand paper. (Notice, no measuring.)

By afternoon Tetsu had made a very nice fit-in-the-sliding-door-cat-door. The goal (for Tetsu) was to allow the cats to come in and out of the house... into a warm room, through the cat door and move directly into the cat cage... Keeping Toi and Patora separate from the other frightened kitties.

Of course I pointed out that if the cats can go freely through the cat door, that meant that the cold air (and right now mosquitoes) could come through the door too. So the cat cage wasn't going to be all that warm for the kitties and the room was going to be freezing for the humans. That did not dissuade Tetsu. He still thought this the best arrangement. He is the carpenter, not me!

When I came back from the pre-school, there was the cat door. The entrance is tight... Toi better not get any fatter than he already is.

"Great job, Tetsu!"

After a few minutes of relaxation we noticed cats running in all directions as Patora stalked into the room. It didn't take her long to figure out how to get up and over the cage door entrance. Tetsu pounded another board in place and sat back down.

"Hiss, spit, growl!"

Patora AND Toi are in the house! Toi isn't the smartest of kitties but if he can figure out how to get past the cat cage then I guess the cat door has not been a success.

I caught both cats, pushed them in the cage and dropped a blanket over all for the night. I also closed the paper window screens hoping to keep the room a couple of degrees warmer.

This morning Toi and Patora got let back into their cat house (by hand... not using the cat door). They managed to shred the paper screen while we were sleeping.

Tetsu's wonky carpenter project was NOT successful this time... He has promised to work on it again on his next day off...

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