Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inside a Rainbow

I'm still quilting the Bargello. I think I've decided to name the quilt "Inside a Rainbow". I keep quilting in border designs and it looks like a rainbow getting larger and larger. I need to think about stopping pretty soon. Too much of a good thing is... too much.

Our church had Blessing the Children Day on Sunday. This is similar to the Japanese custom of Seven-Five-Three Day where children are taken at those ages to the shrine to be blessed. Right now in our church we have about 6 families with children and they were called up to the front of the church to be prayed for. Small church, huh?

Cat news. I do not know what is happening with the litter of kittens down the street. But a couple of days ago a DIFFERENT neighbor was walking her dog and carrying a kitten. This is the same neighbor that considered taking Mi when we first found her. I was so disappointed when they decided not to.

"God, why do You give me these animals? Why won't You move our neighbors' hearts to take this kitty?"

Of course since then Tetsu and I have delighted in Mi and been thankful that God wanted this kitty to be ours. When I saw the neighbor carrying the kitten I stopped and admired it a bit.

"We found it. It is blind! We took it to the vet but there's nothing to be done for it. Well, then we'll just have to take good care of it. It has become part of our family."

Talk about being confirmed that God uses all things to work for the best! If our neighbor had taken Mi a couple of years ago they might not have so readily been willing to take in a handicapped cat. I'm so happy that both Mi and this new kitten have good homes!

And my son wrote this week telling me that he too has taken in a cat. I guess it followed him home from somewhere and though he and his girlfriend put up posters and went door to door looking for the cat's owners, the cat has moved in. I forgot to ask what he's named it.

Tetsu's comment was,

"Like mother, like son."

Takumi has always loved cats so I'm not really surprised.

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