Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thursdays quilts c/o Mrs. Ochiai

Still no pictures from my camera.


Mrs. Ochiai sent me pictures from the Thursday patchwork day that I missed. (I haven't heard yet about what was decided for next year's bazaar quilt.)

I see that Mrs. Ochiai was busy last month and put together all the stars from the swap game. She chose stars and has been making lots of her own because she wants to make two bed covers, one for herself and one for her husband. She's got one bed cover to the flimsy stage! She will probably be hand quilting this (I assume that because she has a couple quilts already that need to be machine quilted but she lacks inspiration to get started.) Mrs. Ochiai is much farther along on this project than I am.

And here is a top that Mrs. Furui has been making for the hospital she volunteers at. Well, will you look at that! So THAT'S how she is using the two yellow stars she asked me to make for her! Obviously I didn't have much to do with this quilt since I didn't even know how the layout was going to be. Mrs. Furui has another group of ladies that she is guiding in making hospital quilts and she must have been working on the Lone Star in secret. I never saw those red colors at Mrs. Furui's house before!

I do hope that I can show something of my own this week.

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