Saturday, November 26, 2011


Mrs. Furui mailed me a pattern for next year's bazaar quilt. Though she only lives 30 minutes from me, I haven't been able to get over to her part of town and with the Bargello done I wanted some sewing at my fingertips. The last I'd heard our group was going to go for house patterns. And then someone suggested trees. And from what was in the envelope I guess trees won! Not really. THIS month everyone will be making trees. NEXT month we'll be making houses. We've got a lot of time. Who knows how our village will grow!

So these are my trees for this month.

And I'm back with no sewing at my fingertips...

UNTRUE!!! Tanya, finish knitting the vest! Get some hand quilting done! Put together the Star quilt and the Alabama Beauty! You've got LOTS to do!

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