Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Tisket a Tasket finished!

Yesterday I put the final stitches on A Tisket a Tasket quilt! I wanted to get it done so as to show my patchwork group today. Although I started this in January 2010, it doesn't really seem like it took so long. This was a Block of the Month that I found on the Bunny Hill website (it was free when I found it) and I dragged Mrs. Furui and Mrs. Harada into making one too. They have their blocks made but haven't put it all together.

(Hmm. While going to get the link for A Tisket a Tasket on the Bunny Hill website I find that there is ANOTHER applique pattern offered for free for the next few days. If you are interested you'll have to grab it up right away! I did!)

Though I'm not very good at applique and find it more tedious than piecing, A Tisket a Tasket was fun to work on. I did very minimal quilting and didn't add any pretty stitches but it is all done by hand.

This will go to a friend as a late Christmas present.

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