Friday, December 09, 2011


I thought Maggie's comment yesterday was so funny.

"I wonder if you ever read your comments."

Hah! Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am keeping a blog for myself and family not for the number of comments that come in! Comments are encouraging, enlightening, they make me feel like I have friends who care about me. But if I were just writing for comments then I might not write about the dull everyday things or I might avoid some topics.

But Maggie! I DO read every comment and strive to answer them (but sometimes get too bogged down and decide that most bloggers would prefer to be visited on their blog than get a reply to their comment). I think you are on no reply so I've never answered personally, but I do thank you for visiting!

What I DON'T do is respond to comments on my own comment page (I've seen bloggers do that). I sort of like to see how many people came visiting and with myself on there too I'd get confused. So you see... comments may be more important to me than I think.

And speaking of comments.

Lois~~~! TWO people asked on my comment page what takes you to the high seas for much of the year. They read YOUR comment on my page and would like more details! Go right ahead and fill us all in on the comments page if you feel inclined!

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