Monday, December 26, 2011

The family at Christmas

Merry Christmas! It is December 26 already here in Japan and our Christmas celebrations are over. Our little church had Christmas Eve services with about 25 people and afterwards we made and ate ice cream sundaes together.

Earlier this week a package arrived from Takumi! My, my, what a surprise! (Hmmm. Poor Takumi doesn't have any money... Tetsu and I felt a pull at our hearts knowing that he had been thinking of us.) After the Christmas Eve service we opened presents, Takumi's being the first to open. His'-and-Her's coffee cups. And STRANGE ones at that! We love them! The cups are crooked... they look like they are sinking into the table. Takumi knows how I love quirky things. Tetsu and I give a clink of thanks to Takumi when we drink coffee now!

From Tetsu I got socks and leg warmers and flowers! Some of you who have been following my blog may remember Tetsu's dilemma with buying me a birthday present a couple of years ago. He wanted to buy me flowers but couldn't work up the courage to go into a flower shop. This Christmas he bit the bullet, barged into a flower shop and bought me flowers! And a lot of flowers at that! Who says Japanese men aren't romantic? (Well, I have said that about my Japanese man... but the older Tetsu gets, the more romantic he gets too.) We had to go to the recycle shop yesterday to buy a vase that would hold Tetsu's flowers.

And finally, I gave Tetsu the vest I'd knitted him. It fits just fine and he looks very nice in it. I'm not the most romantic person myself but he knows that it was knitted with lots of love.

I THINK that Leiya is in California now... maybe staying with Takumi, maybe with my brother's family. I received an abbreviated e-mail from her saying "I'm buying Takumi groceries... from you... I hope that's okay."

Merry Christmas from the Watanabes!

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