Sunday, January 08, 2012

A leisurely quilt show visit

Yesterday Tetsu and I planned a outing with a few errands. Buy dog and cat food... pick up some new bifocal to the car dealer. Nothing exciting.

But on the way, Tetsu made a detour and dropped me off in front of the cultural center.

"I read in the newspaper this morning that there is a quilt exhibition here today. Why don't you go look at the quilts while I go talk to the car dealer."

"Wow, what a nice surprise. Thank you so much. Call me when you get back near the cultural center and I'll meet you outside."

Once at the small exhibition I was looking around when my cell phone rang.

"Did you find the exhibition? I'll be back in about 30 minutes."

No problem with finding the exhibition. The problem was that my cell phone suddenly announced the there was no more battery power left. "Please recharge your phone."

HOW!?! Not at the cultural center!!!

There are few scenarios that I can think of that can make for a full blown husband and wife disagreement. How many times has he told me to keep my cell phone charged. Here I am on one side of town with a dead cell phone and my husband is expecting to contact me by phone. Once he figured out that my cell phone was dead and he'd have to park his car, (paid parking) and come looking for me in the cultural center, he'd be a very grumpy person and we might as well forget doing the rest of the errands together.

I FLEW out of the exhibition and began running down the street.

"Convenience store..... Convenience store..... Where is there a convenience store when you need one?! They are usually on every corner!"

I ran up to one corner, looked up and down the street, ran to another corner. No convenience store. Should I just go back and stand in front of the culture center and pretend that I spent a leisurely 30 minutes looking at quilts? By now Tetsu might have called to tell me he was heading back. Should I go back into the exhibition and wait there? If he knows I have a dead phone he'll come looking for me there... Keep looking for a convenience store!

I found one! I found the battery corner, and I found the portable recharger for my type of cell phone. I grabbed it and pleaded with the girl at the cash register.

"I need to recharge my cell phone immediately! Is this right and can you show me where my recharge outlet is on my phone? How do I use this!!!???"

There were a few tense moments while I waited for my cell phone to reload.... Yeah!

With a few minutes left, I went back to the quilt exhibition and took some pictures. When Tetsu called to say he was cruising around the back of the culture center, I was able to trip lightly out the back door and meet him on the street.

"Did you have a nice time? Were there some good quilts?"

"Lovely, just lovely."

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