Friday, January 27, 2012


Oh dear, not much going on yesterday and today. And yesterday was a patchwork day but I never once picked up a needle!!

Mostly Mrs. Furui and I laid out our projects and gave each other advice. Mrs. Furui has designed a small piece to go at the top of my Crazy Goose Chase quilt and if I add that then it will be the right dimensions for a bed quilt.

"How are you going to quilt this, Tanya?"

Yes, that is the question. The Crazy Goose Chase will be pretty big for my domestic machine and there I go again hesitating to do overall quilting designs... I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

As for Mrs. Furui's project, she is designing an applique quilt for the hospital that she volunteers at. But her pattern calls for shadow quilting and it will mean more expense and a LOT more handwork. Instead she was thinking about needle-turn appliqueing the whole quilt.

"ARE YOU CRAZY! Do you know how long that is going to take you? And all those cute little BERRIES on this quilt? You won't have time to do anything else for months! And then you're going to give the quilt away?"

I don't have a problem with her giving away the quilt. I have a problem with her having another project taking priority over all her other unfinished projects not to mention intruding on her leadership and expertise at the other projects we are trying to get off the ground.

"Look, this could get done a lot more quickly if you machine stitched the raw edges. Could you accept a project that wasn't completely hand done?" (Mrs. Furui is such a purist).

"But Tanya, I don't know how to do raw-edge-machine-stitch-applique..."

"Ahh! But I do! If you promise you won't complain about my skills and the outcome of freehand machine applique stitching, I'll do it for you."

"Okay, then I'll do the hand quilting on your Crazy Goose Chase quilt for you!"

I wonder if we are saving each other time or just making more work for the both of us...

But it's more fun embarking on a cooperative effort!

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