Saturday, January 21, 2012


Yesterday I spent quite a long time up in the sewing room (nothing to show there yet). Because Toi and Patora don't get along with the other cats, this winter they are living in the sewing room. Locked in the sewing room! They know how to open the door so I have rigged up a locking system! Pretty soon I could hear Mi on the other side of the door meowing. She set up quite a racket and I finally opened the door to let her in.

Nope. Mi doesn't want to come in. She bounded down the stairway and I followed.

In the Japanese room, Cleo was sitting by an open window. AN OPEN WINDOW! Oh dear, Vel opened the window (and the screen) and went out exploring! Vel knows how to open windows and doors too. I'll have to remember to keep that window locked too. I counted up the cats. Yep, only Vel is gone. Maybe Cleo and Mi thought it too cold and too wet to go outside. Usually those are the three cats that make an escape.

I looked out a few windows before before braving the weather. And there was Vel sitting on a outside table. He certainly didn't go far!

Vel was quite pleased to come back inside. Maybe he didn't want to get his paws muddy. Chip spent a lot of time spitting at hissing at him. Too many outdoor smells?

"Stop that!... You are just regretting that you didn't take the chance to go out too."

Mi was very happened to have Vel home again.

"Velvet, I love you! Don't leave me again!"

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