Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Land of the Rising Sun!

Tetsu and Choco and I have taken our morning walk and eaten our New Year's pounded rice cakes. Although it is a Sunday, the post man has already delivered New Year's post cards (they all come in one lot!) and we've enjoyed looking through them. Some are computer printed, some are hand drawn. 2012 is the year of the dragon so all of them had a dragon illustration on them somewhere (and on the stamp). Sorry, no dragons on our New Year's cards. Only furry animals.

As usual, it was my job to put together a New Year's card this year. The biggest problem is putting all those animals on it! (The people get lost!) There were years when I would send our family picture to the camera shop and have them make cards for me. When they started charging me extra for each picture incorporated in the collage, Mrs. Ochiai stepped in and designed cards for me. One year I threatened not to have animals on the card at all, but relented when someone reminded me that they ARE family. And now I've figured out how to do a basic job myself. (If anyone is interested, everyday in December 2010, I posted past years' New Year cards.)

At the start of January 2012, I have on my list of Quilts to Do:

  • Work on remaking the Bible Quilt
  • Hand sew more stars for the Star Within a Star Quilt
  • Start a Crazy Goose Chase Quilt (first time you heard about that one right? I just thought that one up yesterday)
  • Put together the Alabama Beauty
And throughout the year I'll probably be working on more quilts for the Ronald McDonald House. What fun!!

The new year has started! Wishing you joy and peace. Thank you for visiting last year. I hope you'll be back this year too.

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