Friday, January 13, 2012

Looking for something?

Still no camera.

I've looked in litter boxes, cleaned out closets, pulled the piano away from the wall. I've emptied snack drawers and waste baskets. I've checked pockets and gone through my scrap basket scrap by scrap. No camera... This is getting serious.

Years ago Tetsu and I went to a local hardware store to buy some paint. It was a small store with shelves of different heights along the aisles. Tetsu drove us to the store and we looked at paint cans with Tetsu reading the small print on the back of the cans. And when we left the store he realized he didn't have his glasses.

Now he HAD his glasses when we went into the store. He uses them to drive. And he often pushes his glasses up on top of his head when he reads... Or lays them down... So somewhere in the 10 minutes that we were looking at paint the glasses got put down (well, they weren't up on his head.) We looked up and down all the aisles we had been in (not many). We took out cans of paint and looked behind them. We checked on top of shelves, under signs, inside work shoes. No glasses.

We explained the problem to the cashier and left a small sign taped to the register with our telephone number asking to be contacted when the glasses were found... as of course we expected them to be. The only place they COULD BE was in the hardware store!

Nobody ever contacted us, the glasses were never found. Sometimes we still wonder how those glasses could have gotten lost in such a short time in such a small place. But they did.

My camera must be sitting beside Tetsu's glasses (though I haven't been to the hardware store in weeks.)

Well, I know one way to find my camera.


I'm sure, that as soon as I walk into the house with a new camera that the old one will turn up. Isn't that usually the way things work?

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