Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yesterday when I was writing the post about Disney Sea and it actually took quite a while to upload pictures and choose a few and rearrange them in the post. And when I looked up at the clock, I had only 20 minutes to get my house in shape (and myself) for the ladies class which would arrive at 10:00.

I vacuumed, I washed dishes and started laundry, I plumped pillows and brought out snacks. My ladies' class came and we shared what we had done over New Years. And just as they were leaving some other friends that I hadn't seen for awhile, showed up so as one group went out the door another came in.

"Oh, I haven't seen you in such a long time! I want to take pictures!"

No camera.

That's right. No camera... I looked high and low for it all afternoon yesterday. Tetsu helped me look for it last night.

Now... It COULD have gotten knocked to the floor and the cats played with it and now it has disappeared behind or under something (we turned the sofa over...)

It COULD have dropped into one of the ladies' bags and mistakenly been taken home... No phone calls yet saying someone discovered a battered camera in their purse.

It COULD have ended up in some odd place in my frenzied cleaning. Tetsu thinks this is the most likely. I've checked the freezer and inside the washing machine. I've checked under blankets in made up beds. No camera.

You know, if I don't find it soon this is going to affect you all! How can I have a blog if I don't have a camera??!!!

I will keep looking today.

In the meantime here is a picture (that I downloaded with the rest of my Disney Sea pictures yesterday morning) that I snapped right off the Disney Sea waterfront in the evening. Mt. Fuji!!!

I hope this picture will hold you until I find my missing camera.

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