Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making progress

I put together the Crazy Goose Chase flimsy yesterday.

Wow, a lot of bias edges so it pulls here and there (or I just wasn't careful about not stretching the fabric when sewing.) Still, if this ever gets quilted, the waviness might quilt out. (Please do not tell me I made a mistake on block placement somewhere! I've checked and it looks all right to my eyes but I'm not going to look any closer!)

The real problem though is how to add length to this quilt. It is a wonderful square quilt with the pattern being centered, but adding more at the top or at the bottom is going to be a challenge without messing up the symmetry or softness of the colors. I'll have to talk with Mrs. Furui before I try figuring out how much more length needs to be added.

In the meantime I'm still making stars for the Star Within a Star quilt.... I'm so middle of the road minded that I am trying to add more white, more stars AND use the nine-patches too. According to my calculations I need 12 more stars.

This doesn't look like it will be done for a LONG~~~ time...

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