Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seeing stars

SNC. (Still no camera)

Well putting that frustration aside...

I did some sewing yesterday and have managed to finish making all the blocks for my Crazy Goose Chase. Last week I spent one day sewing the dark geese and another day sewing the light geese. And this week I sewed dark stars and yesterday, light stars.

This stack-and-whack type of sewing is interesting... A lot of guesswork... like which corner do I match up (because after the first seam the pieces are no longer the same size). And what part of this piece is excess and what part is important. I THINK I did it right. Since this is a Crazy Goose Chase quilt, the pieces are pretty wonky, pointing this way and that... The stars have different sized points etc.

You have no idea what I'm talking about right? It is impossible to explain. I need a picture!!!

Okay. How about this? I took it on my cell phone. Not great but better than nothing.

My blocks are ready to be put together.

And when I'm downstairs in front of the TV I've been sewing stars for my Stars Within a Star quilt. I'm not sure about the block placement on this... I'm sort of thinking this needs something more within the quilt... And probably a border because alone this isn't going to be a size that will fit a bed or something (of course no bed for it to fit on but that's besides the point.)

So that is what I've been doing when not looking for my camera in odd places.

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