Monday, January 30, 2012


Tetsu and I made the rounds of recycle shops yesterday and for dinner we stopped at a revolving sushi place. I have posted about these places before but so long ago I guess I'll do it again.

Sushi restaurants and bars can be expensive and many businessmen will conduct business over sushi but young families and people who are not picky about their sushi, love to go to revolving sushi restaurants. Depending on the restaurant, each plate runs a little more than a dollar and the sushi runs by your table (or counter) by a conveyor belt. When a restaurant is crowded, the sushi gets taken off the belt faster than it can be made!

But what if you want a type of sushi that hasn't come by recently?

Nowadays at each table is a touch screen and a person can order the type of sushi, the number of plates, and specify with or without Japanese horseradish (wasabi). In this restaurant, the sushi arrived at the table on a differennt rail/belt by Bullet Train, special delivery! It stopped directly at our table and then hurried back to the kitchen to bring another load to another table. Busy place!

Lots of interesting food running by the table on the conveyor belt. Let's see... besides regular seafood sushi there were deep fried squid tentacles... French fries... Tiamisu dessert!

Tetsu and I ate 14 plates between the two of us. Well, conveyor belt sushi might not be the real thing (I think the rice balls are made by machine) but it is actually quite good! Tetsu and I haven't been to a real sushi bar in years! And the price is right!

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