Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two sayings

Well, I spent a week looking for my camera.

I e-mailed three of the four students that had come for English on Tuesday morning (the last lady is very put together and besides, I didn't have her e-mail address... ) I cleaned out closets, I looked in unlikely places. Furniture got moved, the car got cleaned out.

I made one trip to the electronics store. I spent hours looking at the Internet comparing prices, specifications, reviews. I followed links and advice given on my blog Comments page. I looked at blogs with great photos combing posts for hints on cameras.

I evaluated my needs for a new camera... Do I want a professional one? No, too big to carry around. I use a camera to post pictures on my blog, not to make prints. I don't need a wonderful video function.

I consulted with Mrs. Ochiai. I counted the spare cash on hand and checked my bank account.

I even pushed the BUY button on choosing a somewhat expensive camera, but a few minutes later canceled the purchase when I realized I had to pay by credit card (not pay on delivery or convenience store payment). I didn't really want to get Tetsu involved in MY camera purchase (it's his credit card). I wanted to buy it myself so decided to make another trip to the electronics store.

Tuesday morning came around again.

"After English today I will buy a camera. By this afternoon I will have a new camera in my hands! It is a shame that I lost the other one but what fun it will be to play with a new camera... A camera is a necessity for me." (I'm always careful about making unnecessary purchases.)

A few minutes later I got a phone call.

"Tanya!!! Y-san has your camera!!! (The one student I hadn't e-mailed.) She didn't realize she put it in her purse last Tuesday! Did you buy a new camera? No? Oh, thank goodness! Y-san is running home to get it now!"

The ladies had been talking about my missing camera while they carpooled to English Tuesday morning.

"Camera? Camera? I found a camera on my dining room table about the time I cleaned out my English bag. I thought it was my husband's... or my daughter's... Oh my! It was Tanya's?!"

Y-san handed me my camera when the ladies arrived at my house. Everyone was so happy that the mystery of the missing camera had been solved.

...except I really had been getting excited about having a new camera... which is now no longer a necessity...

Thank you Lord for the safe return of my old camera. Now... do I need a SPARE camera?

"The person who waits too long loses the opportunity."


"Haste makes waste."

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