Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crazy Goose Chase quilt border

The Crazy Goose Chase quilt (Buggy Barn design) is a flimsy! (Again.)

After consulting with Mrs. Furui I put together a thin border on only one side of the quilt making it into a rectangle. The original pattern had resulted in 5 left over stars and so I made one more and with 6 stars the pattern stayed symmetrical. I suppose I might have given more thought to color placement or even made more stars and added another border on the bottom of the quilt, but this is enough.

There aren't many places in my house to lay out this flimsy to take a picture and obviously this isn't one of one. That lump in the middle is Chip playing hide-and-seek.

Now to making backing and sandwich the flimsy for quilting.

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