Friday, February 24, 2012

Lorraine's visiting!

Yesterday was a patchwork day, and not just ANY patchwork day....!

Lorraine is visiting!!!

Lorraine is my Australian friend who has been coming to Japan about once a year and makes a trip (rather long) to visit our patchwork group in Utsunomiya. And Lorraine and I weathered last year's earthquake after escaping from a rock quarry and then camping out together for the next few days while Japan pulled itself together. We spent many cold hours sewing, chatting, glued to the TV, and reassuring each other.

And now Lorraine is back visiting Japan! She didn't let any ol' earthquake scare her!

I picked Lorraine up at the Utsunomiya station. (She is braver than I am about using the trains by herself) and there she was standing in front of the station clutching a quilt (to donate to the Ronald McDonald House). Back we went to Mrs. Furui's house where she was met by many hugs and a lot of laughter.

I don't know that any of us got a lot done yesterday but it felt good to have most of our group members, including an important one from Down Under, together again for a day of sewing and chatting.

Lorraine is spending a couple of days at my house this weekend and we will do many of the things we did last year. Hopefully minus any earthquakes!

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