Monday, February 27, 2012


I spent a few hours reading blogs yesterday. I get so annoyed with myself for falling behind on so many things. Answering comments, Bible reading, doing exercise, keeping the house clean, reading blogs and of course sewing. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!

Of course once I get on the computer I am tempted by other new links and new information. The computer is the time eater! Yesterday someone had a link to Picnik, a free photo application (free for a couple months only) and I played around with that too.

This is a picture of my Alabama Beauty blocks. Just blocks, not a flimsy nor a quilt yet. Lorraine innocently asked me how the Alabama Beauty blocks were doing and I had to admit that they hadn't been out of their box for nearly 6 months. Now, WHAT WAS I PLANNING TO DO WITH THESE? Lorraine and I spread them out and I vaguely remembered that I had decided to set the blocks on point. And while looking at them I decided that I wanted a gradation effect (which is hard to have when that may not have been the original plan!)

I took pictures of my Alabama Beauty blocks laid out and then yesterday played around on Picnik. Oh, how pretty. I hope the quilt comes out as nicely....

Now... I've GOT to get off this computer and cross some things off my To-Do list. Be careful on that Picnik website. You'll lose a couple of hours!

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