Monday, February 13, 2012

Wishy washy

Nothing going on at the Watanabe house. Sunday was quiet with church and meetings, a visit to Tetsu's mother and then a trip to the electronics store.

A Bible verse that I like is 2 Corinthans 3:12 "Therefore since we have such a hope, we are very bold." In fact I get annoyed with hesitant, fearful people always worrying about what will happen if they do such-and-such. But I onetime read that the things that annoy us most in others are probably attributes of our own that we either haven't worked through or feel proud about overcoming. Somewhere in the back of my head I think this is true.

Meetings at church... We always have a "wait and see" attitude. Church participation isn't great but asking for more, expecting others to place their faith into an active mode might backfire. "God will work in people's hearts as He sees fit so let's just wait and see."

Tetsu's mother becomes weaker and more unhappy. Her complaints abound and her dissatisfaction with her health, her life, her living situation, her family is high. But she DOESN'T want to leave her apartment, she DOESN'T want to move in with us or her other children, (I don't think that is really an option). And so we visit, we listen, we leave, we don't change her situation and another week goes by with her alone and unhappy.

I am still fiddle-faddling about buying a camera or not. And I've been pushing Tetsu to think about buying an i-pad or one of the tablet thingies. He likes to use my computer to play games but since it is all in English he needs "help". But Tetsu tiptoes around decisions as much as I do and though we play around with the ipads, tablets, iphones etc, we leave the store saying... "Let's give it more thought."

I know that being prudent and cautious might be considered wise, but it sure feels like we're just being wishy-washy.

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