Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last English class

Yesterday's graduating class had a good time I think. Lots of grimaces at the mechanics of cooking.

"I can't chop these onions! They make my eyes hurt!"

"Your mom's eye's hurt when she chops onions for you and she still cooks dinner. Get chopping!"

"I don't like carrots. (...and onions and garlic and tomatoes...) And I don't like these olives. They look like eyeballs. It's the first time I've ever hated something in such a short time."

"Too bad. That's what we are using today. You guys talk too much about what you don't like and what you can't do. You're going to have to learn to be more positive if you ever want to visit another country."

"I don't ever want to visit another country."

"Then why have you been studying English for so long?!"

We made our potato soup and Cherokee casserole and Rice Crispy cookies. And the girls gobbled it all up, tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, OLIVES and all. And they declared everything delicious and went back for seconds and thirds!

They also got to do the honors of washing up with much laughter and joviality.

I directed them in the treasure hunt and that was fun... and no one wanted to go home so they called their mothers and asked to be picked up at 8:00 (they came at 4:00!) so we played Monopoly.

I think the girls were sorrier to be saying good-bye to Choco and the cats than to me. Choco actually LIKED these girls though it took 5 years. And Mi has always been the class "mascot" participating in most of our evening classes.

I suggested that someday if these girls ever want to learn to make a quilt, that they should come to me!

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